WIATinfo - and adults who are ages 17-85 years • Examiner...

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Dr. Madigan WIAT II: The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test: Second Edition WIAT can be used to test comprehensively across a range of academic areas, or to test in specific areas of need. The Examiners Manual reports information about the development of the revised assessment, scoring of all subtests, and interpretation of the test scores. Included also is information related to reliability and validity of the instrument and normative information. Normative Data includes: grade-based, age- based standard scores, percentile ranks, NCEs, stanines and composites. Conversion tables for Raw Scores are located in Appendices B (grade based) and E (age-based). The test can be administered to students grades Pre-K through 12and provides normative information for students grades 13-16 (college)
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Unformatted text preview: and adults who are ages 17-85 years. • Examiner Qualifications: the manual states that “only individuals who have received professional training in educational or psychological assessment should interpret the WIAT-II results” (Examiners Manual, p.7). • Pages 13-17 of the Examiners Manual provides information and tables outlining the changes in subtests from WIAT to WIAT II. • Materials: The kit contains Examiner Manuals, Scoring Guides, Record Forms, Student Response Booklets, and Word cards. You will need blank white paper, pennies for K-1 subtests, a stopwatch and tape recorder. • The WIAT II will indicate stop points, reverse rules, discontinue rules, and stop points (See handout)....
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WIATinfo - and adults who are ages 17-85 years • Examiner...

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