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OL-10A-Rom&Goth Art - II Gothic Architecture and Art—...

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History 10A Romanesque and Gothic Art Prof. Bernhardt View film: # TB0922A at IRC 112— Art of the Western World , Pt. 2: “A White Garment of Churches” I. Romanesque Architecture and Art—Pilgrimage and Monasticism as main influences A. Pilgrimage 1. Characteristics --cult of saints and its importance --reasons behind medieval pilgrimages --social and economic effects of pilgrimage 2. Church of St Mary Magdalen at Vézelay in Burgundy, France—a Benedictine monastic church and pilgrimage site. 3. Church of St Lazare at Autun -- Gislebertus (fl. 1130-50) the sculptor -- West Portal Tympanum—The Last Judgment -- North Portal Tympanum—Penitence Portal B. Western Monasticism—Benedictine, Cluniac, Cistercian 1. Characteristics 2. Church of Paray-le-Monial—Cluniac Priory Church C. Romanesque Architecture 1. Characteristics 2. Church of St Lazare at Autun 3. Norman Romanesque—Durham Cathedral (begun 1093) 4. Transition to Gothic -- Durham Cathedral (begun 1093) -- Church of St Mary Magdalen at Vézelay
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Unformatted text preview: II. Gothic Architecture and Art— A. Gothic and the emergence of new trends and ideas B. Saint Denis, Paris—Abbot Suger and the birth of Gothic C. Characteristics of Gothic Architecture --French examples: Reims, Chartres, Sens, Soisons, Senlis, and Beauvais --British examples: Canterbury and Wells D. Chartres—a case study in Gothic architecture and sculpture --West Portal statues—new relationship between sculpture and architecture --West Portal tympanum—no longer Last Judgment, but Christ in Majesty --North and South Portals—innovations in sculpture --Interior—new sense of gothic space and use of massive clerestory windows --Exterior—use of flying buttresses --Interior—Stained glass windows to tell of religion and society --Dedication to St. Mary—symbolizes the shift in Gothic to New Testament Christianity—the cult of the Virgin and veneration of Christ— away from the Romanesque emphasis on Old Testament Christianity—the Last Judgment and Old Testament Kingship...
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