Study Guide for Qui1 - Study Guide for Quiz #2 1. What do...

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Study Guide for Quiz #2 1. What do you look for in evaluating a speech? Explain each of the elements of evaluation (Overall, Substance, Structure, Presentation). 2. What are the elements of a narrative and what makes a story effective or ineffective? 3. What are the main GOALS we are trying to accomplish with our delivery? 4. Know all the materials related to language from your assigned reading. o Why is the use of language considered to be so powerful? o How do oral and written language differ? o What "special powers of influence" are contained in language? o Explain each of the "6 Cs of Language Use". 5. Identify the elements of vocal delivery and what makes effective and ineffective vocal delivery. 6. Know the tips and techniques for effective use of your body (including eyes) in delivery. Know the common problems that speakers have with using their bodies in speeches. 7. Define and distinguish between the four modes (or methods) of delivery. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? 8. What are the tips for using movement and space as you speak? 9. How should you rehearse for a speech? 10. What are the guidelines for evaluating speeches? VOCABULARY BUILDER *Note: one of the BEST forms of support for any main point is a word origin ("etymology"). The origin of a word tells a little story and gives us a way to better understand/remember a concept! 1. Emphatic : very impressive or significant; strongly marked; striking clearly or boldly outlined. One should be  emphatic  in stating key points in a  speech. 2. Vague:  not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed.  Imprecise, indefinite.  The  witness was intentionially  vague  in her responses to direct examination by the  prosecuting lawyer. 3.
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Study Guide for Qui1 - Study Guide for Quiz #2 1. What do...

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