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Video_Anal_exemplar - EDEL 246 Dr Markowitz Video Analysis...

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EDEL 246 Dr. Markowitz April 21, 2009 Video Analysis Section 1: The Classroom My 7 th grade math students were engaged in a lesson on the central tendencies (mean, median, and mode), range, and outlier(s) of a data set. (Note: the seating arrangement can be found on the last page of this packet) The lesson began with two handouts: (1) a template for how students would take notes when calculating the central tendencies, range, and outlier(s); (2) a chart with the definitions of each term and an empty column for students to write down their own observation, notes, and definition of those terms during the lesson. As a class, we collected the data for each problem we did. I described each term individually and showed them how to use the data to find what they needed. Students followed along on their template (the template only allowed for two problems to be done on that sheet; after that, I gave students 30-seconds to recreate it before moving on to the next collection of data). After we went over three problems that exemplified various types of data (including non- numerical data), students were assigned group roles verbally, given the group roles in writing, and assigned a group task. Students were told that if they finished in less than two minutes, they would get an extra credit point on their homework. The group work involved students quickly working together to gather new data. The data was collected on mini-whiteboards and passed on to me. I used their data for the next practice problems. After going over those problems, as a class, we created a poster noting down what observations, notes, and definitions persons had wrote in their blank column note sheet. Section2: Analyzing the Episode Content Domain In my video, I observed more preventive actions than supportive, but no corrective actions. As my first preventive strategy, I gave students a template for their notes that they were expected to take during the lesson. The template was meant to attain consistency in the presentation of the central tendencies, range, and outlier(s). It also created a visual to students, so that they can remember and begin to understand that the central tendencies are the mean, median, and mode. The other handout I gave to students was a chart that clearly stated the definition of each term and it also clearly needed to be filled out with students’ interpretation, observations, and notes for each term throughout the lesson. I gave examples of what I was expecting to see written down. In addition, I modeled, through a think-aloud how I would take notes for the first term and how I would use the template to show my findings of the central
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EDEL 246 Dr. Markowitz April 21, 2009 tendencies, range, and outlier(s) of a data set. All of this was done with the goal of preventing students from only listening to the lesson without writing anything down; hence, preventing a further obstacle of not having any notes to use as a resource when completing their homework and relying solely on memory. Students’ engagement in the problem when I collected word data from them was a big
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Video_Anal_exemplar - EDEL 246 Dr Markowitz Video Analysis...

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