Bio21 notes - Cells and tissues[Feb 9 2006...

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Cells and tissues [Feb. 9, 2006] à website Turn in a hard copy of the paper - pretty Also need to turn in an electronic version online JLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJL Lab - cells and tissues 3 activities, 4 can be done at home 1 is on the hard drive in lab 1 station à looking at the cheek cells LJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJL Cells Atoms à electrons à molecules Molecules à cells The smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning 2 types: eukaryotic and prokaryotic (whether cell has internal compartments enclosed by membranes or not) Prokaryotic cell No membrane-bound compartments Bacteria Eukaryotic cell Has membrane-bound compartments Organelles “little organs” Found in most organisms including plants and animals Organelles: plasma membrane -both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have a plasma membrane -thin outer boundary of the cell -controls movement into and out of the cell -composed of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates -Phospholipids line up to form plasma membrane which encases the cell -Outside the cell: extra-cellular fluid -Inside the cell: cytoplasm Membrane lipids -cholesterol--stabilizes membrane -no cholesterol very unstable membrane -Glycolipids--like phospholipids but phosphate group replaced with sugar -cell recognition
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Membrane: proteins -peripheral: loosely attached to surface of membrane -integral: imbedded within and spanning entire membrane Membrane: movement -movement through the membrane defined by solubility -lipid soluble molecules pall through membrane easily -water soluble molecules must use transport proteins -passive -movement of particles that does not expend metabolic energy is called passive movement -there are two major classes of passive movement: diffusion and osmosis Diffusion The net movement of particles from regions of high concentration of those particles to low concentrations
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Bio21 notes - Cells and tissues[Feb 9 2006...

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