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India: 60 yrs since independence India: the last 60 years since 1947 Partition, a growing divide of Hindu- Muslim identity, what is remembered, and what is forgotten 1. From Brahman Raj to Sudra raj: The social revolution in Indian Politics 2. From State to Market: Socialism Yields to Economic reform Growing Naxalites (Maoists), various unrest in India, new states. Regional power 3. From one party dominance to a Federalized Multiparty system, post 1977 Janata, BJP along with many Sects of Congress 4. From Nehruvian Secularism to Hindu Nationalism Oct 1984 riot after Indira Gandhi’s death leading to bombing in Mumbai How films have captured them (some clips) 5. From asceticism to Consumerism: Neo- liberal market economy What has happened to Gandhi’s Swadeshi? Show the video, India rising, what is similar between India and USA? In what way India is different? 6. From Delhi Raj to Panchayat Raj introduced by Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 Grassroots level activism, 33 1/3% reservation for women at the local panchayat and Municipality (city Council) level
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