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LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. undeEtand the determinants of foreign exchange rates 2. track the evolution of the international monetary system 3. identify firms'strategic repons to deal with foreign exchange movements 4. participate in three l€ding debat6 on foreign exchange movemsts 5. draw implicataons for action FACTORS BEHIND FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES foreign exchange rate - price of one currency in terms of another purchasing power parity - theory that suggests that in the absence of trade barries (such as tariffs), the price for identical products sold in different countries must be the same balance of payments - country's international transaction statement EEffilirunrs c xircrnnr-Hcr exciirce nms I EiEi.:ll'ttl BF B)G MAc rND€r [ *"AT DE RMTNEs FoRErcN CHANGE ATES? itf:;l'.;'',"Il"{ i: -'>jiii\ r;1. ir\Tiiri. :;li.!.t€:i.r'h:.':;i;ll1;.,:1=l':;i ffi
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Ch7SlidesAndNotesBus187 - LEARNING OBJECTIVES After...

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