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N147B__CD_in_the_Newsx_EVSCCPHx_Sp09 - During your 5 minute...

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CD IN THE NEWS Presentation date: _________________________________ Locate an article that reports on a communicable disease. Suggested interesting themes may be reports of outbreaks, epidemics, planning for epidemics, prevention, etc. This article may be from a newspaper, Web news (MSNBC, etc.), Web site (CDC), and should be considered a current event (no more than 1 month old). Briefly research the communicable disease discussed in the article. Include how your communicable disease is transmitted, incubation rates, symptoms, duration of illness, and treatments (if any). Are there suggested measures to control outbreaks?
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Unformatted text preview: During your 5 minute presentation you will summarize your article and include the communicable disease information described above. As a class, we will brainstorm what would be the role of public health nursing and the public health department. Remember to site your sources, and give your instructor a copy of your references. Your Heymann book and the CDC website are good references for this assignment. EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR WITH THE COMMUNICABLE DISEASE YOU WILL BE REPORTING ON BY MONDAY BEFORE YOUR PRESENTATION DATE ....
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