74.4 - VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY area where Congress could...

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Unformatted text preview: VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY area where Congress could leam from the such a monumental effort would indeed be an objective TA96 didn't do that. Now, I do understand hi the meantime, the F.C.C. has the opportunity to dem- do othenvise leaves the relevant, jettisoning work that is of no real value, and step- ction in stepping up to ping up to the scores of decisions that desperately need to be made. Al ofthe items I've mentioned today could be rsal Serviee Fund —a addressed and resolved by a progressive F.C.C. pursuant horny issue that some have dubbed, totheauthority it now holds. al Security." How do we get rid of subsi- They'd be doing so. of course, without the benefit of Tough questions were tgnored in 1995. And today many implement competition and reduce regulation of any chair- of them have only grown tougher. Any new legislation man we've ever had. We wil miss him. We wish him should step up to putting these and other hot but on issues Godspeed. And we hope the F.C.C. wil continue the on the agenda. Doing so wil not be easy, but it wil be the good work he has begun. the only valid reason for any of us to plunge into another regulatory policy. We wil offer the same to any members long years last time. Would sueh effort be worthwhile? step up to the challenges of new telecom legislation. Only if we're ready to tnist the power of the market- We consider it a privilege to be part of this exception- plaee. Only if we realize that in a market where consum- al y dynamic industry'. And we look forward to the excit- ers already have six to ten options for their communica- ing developtnents ofthe next several months and years, tions needs, it is high time to say, "Hey, this is America. Thanks again for this opportunity to join you today—and We believe in the free enterprise system here. Let's shine to be part of the discussions that get that process under- a lit le of that on the telecom sector" If we could do that, way Thank you. On Being Neither Savages Nor Ghosts WHAT MAKES LIBERAL EDUCATION "LIBERAL"? A man who has not been in Italy, is always con- ness or badness ofthe method used by a professor in his scious of an inferiority, from his not having seen exposition. To be educated is in fact to be able to do this; what it is expected a man should see. The grand and even the man of universal education we deem to be object of travelling is to see the shores of the Mediterra- such in virtue of his having this ability" nean. On those shores were the four great Empires of Presuming to speak about liberal education at a col ege the world; the Assyrian, the Persian, the Grecian, and the like Christendom is perhaps rash, rather like bringing the Roman. -All ourreligion,almostall our law, almost al our proverbial coals to Newcastle. This school was founded knowledge ofthe subject, while the other is a kind of edu- actual y here at the Front Royal campus when Bishop be able to fonn a fair off-hand judgment as to the good- seemed at the time, lit le more than a tenuous hope has its own history, and its own way of going about learning And one ofthe things we leam, as Aristotle again tells us.its own history, and its own way of going about learning And one ofthe things we leam, as Aristotle again tells us....
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74.4 - VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY area where Congress could...

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