Effective Learning Strategies

Effective Learning Strategies - Effective and Efficient...

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Effective and Efficient Learning Strategies Start Early : Start as early as possible on the study guide. Once you are done with the study guide, break your study time into pieces and try to study a little each day. Take out your study guide and read while waiting in line for the bus or coffee. Even five minutes here and there can make a big impact! Also, when you study, eliminate distractions to make sure you are completely focused on the task at hand. Which means, turn off the phone(s), shut off the TV, log out of facebook & email – I Know – seems impossible, but trust me – if you study smarter then you wont have to study harder. Make the time you spend studying really count! TIME MANAGEMENT = ORGANIZE YOURSELF WITH SCHEDULES. i.e., semester, weekly, monthly (more specific to plan for upcoming exams or term papers), and/or "to do" lists. WHY? TO SAVE TIME AND FOCUS. As you know it is really difficult to learn when you are not organized. Calendars are just one way to get you to focus on your studies. They also keep you in the habit of distributing your learning so as not to cram. NOTETAKING = NOTES WITH QUESTIONS PREDICTED IN THE MARGIN. WHY? you see(visual), write questions(kinesthetic), and answer out loud(verbal, auditory). Use color pencils/markers to make your notes more interesting and to highlight important topics/facts. Using the Cornell method of note taking is best because you write on 3/4 of the page so that you can put yourself into the instructor's shoes to
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Effective Learning Strategies - Effective and Efficient...

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