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Spyder Active Sports Case - Bus 173C Prof. Steven Bennet...

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Bus 173C Prof. Steven Bennet May 4, 2009 Spyder Active Sports Case David Jacobs was not a business man. He received a degree in mathematics from St Lawrence University. He was a Canadian Downhill Ski Racing Champion. He won the championship at the age of 24 and become a Canadian National Ski racer from 1957 to 1961. Then he became a head coach of the Canadian National Ski Team. In 1966, Jacobs formed a joint venture with Bob Lange, Lange-Jacobs, Inc. The venture developed racing ski boots and distributed to Canada and other countries. The company went public in 1969 as Lange, Inc. In 1971, 25,000 pairs of the Lange boots were recalled and the company stocks plunged. Jacobs sold his shares and left the company to create Jacobs, Corp. the company was doing good but due to lack of financing to grow, Jacobs sold 45% of the company to venture capitalist and rest to Garcia Inc. Than Jacobs started two other companies, Pearl-Izumi and Spyder. Now he is left with Spyder Active Sports, Manufacturing and distributing high end ski racing apparels. David Jacobs is clearly an entrepreneur. So far on his life he founded and built 4 companies. He has the skills to start a company and has the idea to build the company to its success. He seems to a guy that takes matters in to his own hand and resolves it in the way that he knows best. But David Jacobs is not the best CEO. He has the ideas but he does not know how to resolve the problems and he seems to have limits on growing the company. He seems to lack in experiences with corporate environments and finances. He was successful with the Spyder Active Sports, in growing the company to its level, because of the
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partnership with CHB. Without the partnership with CHB, Spyder Active Sports could have been sold to another venture or stayed at the $10 - $11 million revenues per year. There were many factors that changed making the Spyder Active Sports’ revenues to
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Spyder Active Sports Case - Bus 173C Prof. Steven Bennet...

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