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GEOG182 Spring 2008 Lab 4: Data transformation and classification For this and all subsequent labs, you will write a paper that contains both text and imagery, addressing the questions and themes posed. Please include your name and the lab number at the top of each document. It is not necessary to print the document; you may supply it to me in electronic form (stored preferably on a flash drive from which I can download it to my computer. Please don’t email large files to me). PRINCIPAL COMPONENTS 1. In Imagine, Click on the Interpreter icon in the main toolbar. Within the Image Interpreter box that appears, click on Spectral Enhancement. Within the Spectral Enhancement box that appears, click on Principal Comp. 2. A Principal Components dialog box should now be available. Within this box, choose bay_area01.img as the input file. Type bay_area_pc6.img (for ‘six principal components’) as the output file (always hit return at the end of any typed-in entry).
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