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Robert Solomon Kitsch [plus Gordon C.F. Bearn Encyclopedia of Aesthetics] 1) Kitsch: a German word origins obscure 1870: smear, playing with mud [Bearn: from English for "sketch"], mucking with emotion? a) Harries: always considered immoral b) One culture’s kitsch may be another’s avant garde c) "it is the sentimentality of kitsch that makes kitsch kitsch and sentimentality that makes kitsch morally suspect…” d) "kitsch may be bad art" and "show poor taste" e) S. challenges the condemnation of the sentimentality of kitsch and the idea that it is ethically wrong 2) contempt for kitsch is considered a standard for good taste a) but too little agreement about what is wrong with kitsch b) "vicissitudes" (changes or variations) of taste in art 3) attacks on kitsch and answers 4) (1) provokes excessive or immature expressions of emotion a) "cute" "pretty" "Aaah" b) emotions unsophisticated and child-like c) what is the charge? too much of these emotions? provokes them at all? attack on emotions as such? d) S.: emotions develop with experience: but are emotions of a 70-year-old better or wiser than those of a seven-year-old?
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