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Summary Chapter 13-14 Death of Stars

Summary Chapter 13-14 Death of Stars - Chapter Summaries...

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Chapter Summaries Chapter 13-14: Death of Stars - Bizarre Stellar 1. End of a star’s life : white dwarf (low mass star) neutron star/black hole (high mass star) 2. White dwarfs: the remaining cores of low mass dead stars the core has stopped gravitationally contracting; degeneracy pressure due to the electrons in the core counteracts gravity. mass is same as Sun and the size is about the same size as Earth higher mass white dwarfs are smaller (the more massive the smaller the star is) 3. White dwarf limit : white dwarf cannot be more massive than 1.4 M Sun because of quantum mechanics : known as Chandrasekhar limit 4. History of a star can change if it is part of a binary system Mass falling toward a white dwarf from its close binary companion has some angular Momentum - orbits white dwarf forms accretion disk 5. Nova: The temperature of accreted matter around a white dwarf star in a binary becomes hot enough for hydrogen fusion Fusion begins suddenly and explodes - matter driven out to space 6. Supernova: star’s mass exceeds 1.4M
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