124.6.Prevention - Prevention, Identification & Screening...

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Outline 0. Why? 1. Primary prevention 2. Secondary prevention 3. Body weight myths in sports 4. Identification 5. Screening Prevention of Disordered Eating 0. Need prevention programs because Tx is expensive, illness is lengthy, 1. The key to prevention 0. Schools teach preventing ETOH use, cigarette smoking & other substance abuse, why not EDO? 1. 0. Teach not to objectify women/men nor judge based on looks and weight 2. Eliminate or modify risk factors 1. Body weight or shape perceptions 2. Environmental and individual expectations 3. Risky and unsound nutritional practices 4. Change cultural emphasis on appearance, thinness & weight preoccupation Educational Programs: Primary Prevention = reduce # of new cases 0. Address: 0. internalization of the slender beauty idea 1. body dissatisfaction 2. tendency to determine one’s self-worth & body image through social comparison 3. high levels of anxiety & depression, dieting & sexual abuse. 1. Develop: 4. high self-esteem 5. a multifaceted identity 6. social support 7. 8. 9. and the use of one’s body in active healthy ways. Educational Programs, cont. 3. kNOw Dieting: National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) 4. Eating Disorders Awareness Week / Respect Your Body Week 5. Dispel the myths & misperceptions
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11.How to loss weight 2. Provide accurate nutrition information 12.Regarding health 13.Regarding performance Nutrition Knowledge 6. There is a general lack of knowledge 7. Knowledge from “unscientific” sources: 0. Peers, coaches, sports magazines, books 8. Most common nutrition myths: 1. Dietary fat makes you fat 2. Low carbohydrate diets best for wt loss 3. Restrict fluids to help control weight Secondary Prevention Programs 6. Identifying 7. “early warning signs” 8. Targeted at groups 3. Entrenched in commitment to slender beauty ideal 4. Showing a great deal of body dissatisfaction 5. Unhealthy forms of weight management
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124.6.Prevention - Prevention, Identification & Screening...

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