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FALL 2007 Dr. Jan Johnston JS 159, Section 1. Office: MacQuarrie Hall MH512 MW 9 – 10:15am Office Phone : 408 924-2942 [email protected] Office Hours : Mo & Wed 8-9am & 1-2pm. Other times by appointment. AJ159 SENIOR SEMINAR Course Description Identification, discussion and analysis of selected problems in the criminal justice system. Pre-requisites are: AJ105; 100W or equivalent; and senior standing. Learning Outcomes: 1. To undertake a critical analysis of a. a contemporary problem in the criminal justice system and b. to propose policies and practices that could be implemented to help solve the problem. 2. To provide oral and written presentations of the contemporary problem and its proposed solution in a manner that a. gives a clear introduction, rationale and purpose, addressing the issues/questions, b. uses an acceptable writing/speaking style and c. uses APA editorial style. 3. To demonstrate reasoning and argumentation that indicates a. an accurate and complete understanding of the issues, b. use of examples, data and references to support knowledge claims, and c. logical presentation of ideas, drawing valid conclusions Texts : Required : Walker, S. (2006). Sense and nonsense about crime and drugs . 6 th Edition. Belmont, CA.: Wadsworth. 1
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Recommended : Fields, C.B. (1999). Controversial issues in corrections . Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. on Family Violence. Thousand Oaks, Sage. Course Requirements: 1. Policy paper = 50% 2. Participation Class discussion = 15% MITs = 15% Debate = 15% Presentation of paper = 5% Students must make at least a C- to graduate. In addition, all students are required to complete the plagiarism quiz online at or http://tutorials.sjlibrary.org/plagiarism/index.htm by the due date (see class schedule below). No draft of the final paper will be accepted without completing this quiz. Policy Paper: A policy paper on a justice-related topic will be required. Topics will be chosen within the first month of class in consultation with the instructor. The paper will review the empirical literature on the topic, and will formulate new or improved policies and/or programs based on the empirical evidence (see separate “Instructions for Final Paper”). Final papers must be submitted to the instructor in hard copy and electronically, by email. Participation is made up of four (4) parts : a) Class discussion involves reading the assigned readings carefully prior to each class meeting and during class indicating knowledge of the subject matter and/or asking probing questions. Oral participation in class will be assessed on a daily basis. One point will be assigned for each intelligent or insightful comment made on the topic (maximum 3 per class). b) MITs
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JS159SylFall07 - FALL 2007 JS 159 Section 1 MW 9 10:15am Dr...

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