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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT Worth 20 points Page count: 5-7 pages (not including title or reference page) Purpose This assignment will start you in the research process of your final project. It also gives me the opportunity to look over your sources and make sure they are credible and scholarly. You must use at no less than 3 peer reviewed scholarly journal articles. These journals don’t necessarily have to be from Communication Studies, but they must have some sort of communication theme. For example, feel free to use an academic business, health, science, engineering, etc. if that’s what interests you. See some sample listings on
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Unformatted text preview: my website. Body • Briefly summarize each source. Use a full page to discuss each of your abstracts. • Discuss how you will use this source to develop your final project. • Conclude with a one page narrative description of how your chosen sources, taken as a group, are helping to shape your purpose, audience, and voice for your final project. • Include a reference page using APA format. Pay attention to your writing of each abstract. I will still grade on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc. Note: Do not use websites. These are not credible sources for this project....
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