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Comm 285B Greensheet S10

Comm 285B Greensheet S10 - Listen Speak Engage San Jos...

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Listen • Speak • Engage San José State University Department of Communication Studies COMM 285B, Teaching Associate Practicum II, Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr. Deanna L. Fassett Office location: HGH 211 Telephone: 408-924-5511 Email: [email protected] (Re: Grad Program: [email protected] ) Office hours: Wednesdays, 11 AM-2 PM (drop-in), and Tuesdays, 10 AM-12 PM (by appointment only). For people with scheduling conflicts, it may be possible to arrange an appointment for another day/time. Mandatory Furlough Days: Due to mandatory furlough of CSU employees, I am not permitted to engage in university business (including, for example, teaching classes or holding office hours, responding to email, or reading student work) on the following days: January 29 th , February 15 th and 26 th , March 2 nd and 16 th , April 5 th and 26 th , and May 6 th and 17 th . Class days/time: Tuesdays, biweekly, 2-4 PM Classroom: Marie Carr Conference Room, HGH 215 Prerequisites: Comm 285A; Graduate Standing; Appointment as a Graduate Teaching Associate Catalog Description Instruction and supervised experience in teaching university level courses in communication studies. In addition to advanced discussion of topics from COMM 285A, topics will include theories of teaching and learning, identity, culture and power. In COMM 285B, as a “reflective practicum,” we will combine practical experience with scholarly reflection. Our purpose is to reflect on the philosophy and practice of teaching, and to use our immediate experience as teachers (however novice) to inform our discussions and make them relevant and useful. Through structured readings and assignments, we will work toward a more nuanced understanding of the roles and responsibilities of educators, while improving our teaching practice. By department policy, teaching associates are required to take 2.0 units of COMM 285A in their first semester as TAs; in their second semester, teaching associates are required to take 2.0 units of COMM 285B. TAs, including those in their second year, are always required to attend staff meetings, as arranged by the TA supervisor. As you progress through the four semester TA program, your role and your responsibilities will evolve. Your accumulated experience is integral to the on-going development of COMM 285/staff meetings and to our community of teacher-scholars. Instructor Website You may find copies of this greensheet and other relevant documents on my instructor website: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/deanna.fassett/ COMM 285B: Teaching Associate Practicum IISpring 2010 page 1 of 4
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Listen • Speak • Engage Required Texts There is no single required text for Comm 285B.
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Comm 285B Greensheet S10 - Listen Speak Engage San Jos...

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