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Reaction of Crystal Viole

Reaction of Crystal Viole - Eric Ron Shadmani Amin Chem...

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Eric Ron Shadmani Amin Chem. 132-16 Reaction of Crystal Violet With NaOH Introduction: In this lab the purpose is to determine the order of the reactants, and calculate a rate constant for the reaction at room temperature. Procedure: In the first part of this lab the reaction order for CV is calculated. Since the microlab colorimeter is being used it first needs to be calibrated. This is done by labeling the glass vile so it can be oriented the same way for each test. This is done to eliminate possible sources of error in the glass vile. The next step is to add 18.00 mL CV solution to the glass vile. Once this is done 2.00 mL .05 M NaOH solution is added to the CV solution. The mixture is stirred for a few seconds, and then is put into microlab for the rest of the reaction. Once the reaction is complete the graph can be manipulated to display the relevant information. The reaction should be on the axis absorbance vs. time.
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