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Korean Terminology Basic Stances (Jaseh) Chungol Jaseh Front Stance Keemah Jaseh Horse Stance Hookol Jaseh Cat Stance Daryen Jaseh Defensive Stance Basic Blocks (Maki) Hadan Maki Down Block Sangdan Maki High Block Anuro Maki Inside Block Bakuro Maki Outide Block Basic Kicks (Chagi) Ahp Chagi Front Kick Yup Chagi Side Kick Tollyu Chagi Round Kick Dui Chagi Back Kick Strikes (Kongkyuk) Chungdan Kongkyuk) Middle Punch Sangdan Kungkyuk High Punch Sudo Kongkyuk Kinfehand Attack Kwansu Kungkyuk Spearhand thrust Sondung Kungkyuk Backfist Strike Hoeng Jen Side Attack Adv. Blocks Chungdan Sudo Makie Knifehand Middle Block Hadan Sudo Makie
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