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Met 10 Fall2009 Professor Clements Climate Change It is not uncoflrmon for the climate of the Earth to change over long periods of time. It has happened before with such events as the ice ages to long periods of global warmth. But history has shown that climate change is a phenomenon caused by naturally occurring factors such as Earth's orbit, volcanic discharges, and the varying amount of energy released by the sun. $ut recently, ever since the late 18th century when the industrial revolution first began, there has been an increase in the previously natural environmental changes on our green earth. The two biggest causes being intense green house gas emissions and heavy deforestation which were both provoked by the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution sparked the beginning of an onslaught of human technologies and habit changes that will eventually bring about devastation to the environment. There was a large shift from manual labor to mechanized labor. These machines need tons and tons of energy
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Homework-ClimateChangeEssayMET10 - Met 10 Fall2009...

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