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thesis - My target audience is those who are intolerant or...

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Thesis: The American myth of sexual equivalence is the most easily seen myth of today and can be viewed in the way that homosexual and transgendered individuals are treated. Importance to me: I have many friends in the gay community and I am constantly outraged at the unfair treatment they receive, and have always received. Sexuality is a part of who people are, it is not a choice and it should never be punished; not by people taking things into their own hands, not by laws telling them they aren’t the same as everyone else, and not by people’s religious beliefs. Audience:
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Unformatted text preview: My target audience is those who are intolerant, or ignorant about homosexuality. Importance to audience: This is an important issue because everyone knows someone who is homosexual, whether they are open about it or not. Homosexuality has been around as long as humanity and it isn’t something that is going to go away. People talk about changing the world for the better and I believe that sexual tolerance is a huge part of that. I feel that many people are ignorant about homosexuality and I feel that if they knew more about it they would be more accepting....
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