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Chapter 7 Client/Server Networks (pp. 217-218) Client – computer that is designed to request information from a server Server – Computer that is dedicated to providing information in response to external request Client/Server Network – model for applications in which the bulk of the back end processing, such as performing a physical search of a database, takes place on a server, while the front-end processing, which involves communicating with the users, is handled by the clients. Network operating system (NOS) – runs a network, steering information between computers and managing security and users. Packet Switching – part of client/server architecture – occurs when the sending computer divides a message into a number of efficiently sized units called packets, each of which contains the address of the destination computer. Router – intelligent connecting device that examines each packet of data it receives and then decides which way to send it onward toward its destination. Geographic information systems (GIS) (p. 234)
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