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Comm. 20 self evaluation

Comm. 20 self evaluation - Self-Reflection Guidelines#1...

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Self-Reflection Guidelines #1 Due: __________________; #2 Due: __________________ Spend some time reflecting on the videotape of your speech. How do your experiences with this speech compare to your first speech? Write a 500-750 word paper (typed, double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font) evaluation of your presentation and compare it to your first presentation. What were the specific strengths you believe you demonstrated? What were specific areas of weakness that you believe diminished the effectiveness of the presentation? Remember, it is NOT sufficient to focus your evaluation entirely on the negatives or solely on delivery. You will have a stronger self-evaluation if you structure it in light of a strong focusing thesis statement. As with your first speech, you will need to view this presentation with a tutor and attach their comments to this evaluation. If you get stuck during your write-up, you might find it useful to consider the following questions: Preparation: What did you do to prepare for this speech? What might you have done differently (or will you do differently in the future)
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