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Administrative Law: Preparing a case for seminar discussion Seminar participants: As you read cases to discuss in our seminar, consider these ideas and if you find it useful, use them to orient how you think about the different points of the case. First of all, what are the facts of the case, generally speaking. Be concise. Who or what is doing something or not doing something that is the subject of the suit. In our cases, it is likely an agency doing something, or a business or a person doing something that is being challenged. Along with recognizing the facts of a case, try to recognize the environment that surrounds the case. What period of American historical development is the case coming from? What is going on in America during that time. Do you know and can you gauge how society is reacting to the problem? Do you know what political party controls government at the time of the case? Does it make any difference? Second, can you ascertain what the legal issue is in the case?
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