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Gilgamesh Questions 2

Gilgamesh Questions 2 - role/character of their deity or...

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Gilgamesh Questions #2 Read the rest of the epic and answer any two the following questions (but not both 3 AND 4). Please write neatly or type! Due Tues 2/16 at the beginning of class. 1. Does Gilgamesh’s quest seem reasonable to you, or at least understandable? Why or why not? What do you think is the best answer to his quest for eternal life, either among the ones he receives from the other characters, or another one you would offer? 2. What does the flood story suggest about the gods of this culture? How does their treatment of the human race relate to the culture’s ideas about their human rulers? How does it compare/contrast with any other culture’s ideas about the
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Unformatted text preview: role/character of their deity or deities? 3. Donna Rosenberg’s version ends with what was originally the 11 th of 12 tablets, as do many modern versions, which perhaps explains why the ending seems a bit anti-climactic. Why might these writers have decided to end here for artistic reasons? What does this ending seem to emphasize? How might you end it if you were going to retell it yourself? Why? 4. In general, if you were going to retell this story yourself for a contemporary audience, how might you do it? What would you adjust about the plot or characters? What form might you use (film, novel, graphic novel, etc) and why?...
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