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197 schedule 2010 - HRTM 197 FACILITATION PROCESSES IN...

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HRTM 197: FACILITATION PROCESSES IN THERAPEUTIC RECREATION CLASS CONTENT READINGS/HOMEWORK DUE 2/1 Introduction, 4 golden rules, Johari Window, TR Process, Leslie Temple, ICF Review ICF Castanoan Training - 10AM-4PM 2/8 TR Models, Ethics, Task Analysis, Activity Analysis, Protocols, TR in the Community Chapters 1 & 4; Kennedy Chap 7 Recreational Therapy in the community; Assign teach-in content. Assign Educational Session content. 2/15 No Class – Campus Furlough – Check Online Online discussion required: Chap 2 - 162-186 2/22 Theoretical Foundations Teach-in. Submit your part of the class Theory Grid using blackboard, Use Austin Chap 2 + handouts on file in the HRTM office Castanoan Training - 10AM-4PM 3/1 Applying theory to practice; Leisure Education, Leisure Sessions, Sample session Bullock (chap 16 Reader); Chap 6 ‘Applying Theory to Clinical Practice’; Kinney ‘use of therapeutic modalities…’ 3/8 Educational Sessions [email protected] 23 min ea; 7 debrief Austin Chapter 3 Turn in the compiled/complete Theory Grid; Use Austin Chap 3 + handouts on file
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