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Outlines Chapter 3_ 1 Chapter 3 Ethics_ Independence 1. Introduction a. Code of Ethics Codes of ethics generally include basic moral principles and also standards of conduct beyond those basic moral principles. b. AICPA Code of Professional Conduct 1. Principles of Professional Ethics—Philosophical discussion I. Responsibilities II. The Public Interest III. Integrity IV. Objectivity and Independence V. Due Care VI. Scope and Nature of Services 2. Rules of Conduct —Enforceable ethical standards 101 Independence 102 Integrity and Objectivity 201 General Standards 202 Compliance with Standards 203 Accounting Principles 301 Confidential Client Information 302 Contingent Fees 401 Deleted (Responsibilities to Colleagues) 501 Acts Discreditable to the Profession 502 Advertising and Other forms of Solicitation 503 Commissions and Referral Fees 504 Deleted 505 Form of Organization and Name In addition, Interpretations and Rulings are issued which tie directly to the Rules of Conduct. 2. Comments on the entire Code and the Principles . a. General on the Code of Professional Conduct Applicability of Rules—The Code derives its authority from the bylaws of the AICPA which provide that the Trial Board may, after a hearing, admonish, suspend or expel a member found guilty of infringing any of the bylaws of the Code. A CPA who is not a member of the AICPA cannot be disciplined directly by the AICPA. However, s/he will be licensed by a state and may be disciplined by that
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Outlines Chapter 3_
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ch3 outline - Outlines Chapter 3_1 Chapter 3 Ethics_...

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