Comparative Analysis (Buddha-Zhuangzi)

Comparative Analysis (Buddha-Zhuangzi) - A Comparative...

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A Comparative Analysis of the Buddhaian and Chuangian Philosophies of Life in the Sutra on Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma and the Nan Hua Ching (v. Nam Hoa Kinh ) INTRODUCTION In this lecture, I shall point out some major similarities and differences between the Buddha’s philosophy of life, which I call the “Buddhaian philosophy of life), and Master Chuang’s philosophy of life, which I call the “Chuangian philosophy of life.” Then, I will make my critical response to them. THE EXPOSITION Background Information I shall use the old Wade-Giles romanization of the characters for the work and name of the so- called “Taoist” philosopher. Master Chuang is romanized in the old Wade-Giles Romanization System as “Chuang Tzu” (Master Chuang) but is romanized in the current Pinyin Romanization System as “Zhuangzi” (Master Zhuang). His work is romanized in the Wade-Giles as “ Nan Hua Ching ” but in the Pinyin as “ Nanhuajing .” The meaning of this title is lost but it can be rendered into English as the “ Classic of the Southern Aesthetics .” It is therefore popularly known in the Anglo-American publications as the Chuang Tzu (py: Zhuangzi
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Comparative Analysis (Buddha-Zhuangzi) - A Comparative...

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