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CHAD 163 midterm questions

CHAD 163 midterm questions - adolescence 6 What is the...

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CHAD 163 Essay Questions 1. Mark and Martha are the first two students in their class to begin the transition into adolescence. Based on what you know about the timing of puberty during adolescence, what effect, if any, will this have on Mark and Martha’s development? 2. In what five ways are the intellectual abilities of adolescents superior to those of children? Explain and give a concrete illustration of each developmental trend. 3. Briefly discuss the structure of peer groups during adolescence. 4. Michael’s father, who is close to 40 years old, feels uncomfortable playing football with his adolescent son like the always used to do when Michael was younger. Outline three developmental concerns of Michael’s dad that might account for this change. 5. Discuss the significance of the book The Adolescent Society in shaping our ideas about peer relations during
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Unformatted text preview: adolescence. 6. What is the difference between Universalistic and Particularistic societies? 7. How would you characterize the work settings of a typical American teenager? How are the adolescents affected by working long hours during the school year? 8. Mr. Smith, a High school teacher, approaches you (a brilliant psychologist) regarding two of his students. He is concerned about their behavior and hopes that you can explain what is going on. One of his students, Sharon, occasionally engages in unprotected sex. The other student, Michael, constantly wears pants to hide what he believes are skinny legs. Using David Elkind’s research results, how would you characterize Sharon’s behavior? How would you characterize Michael’s behavior? Be sure to justify your answer....
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