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CE 154 Hydraulic Design Fall 2009 Homework Problem #8 A smooth concrete culvert 3 ft in diameter and 300 ft long is to discharge 140 cfs. Assume that the pipe is straight and having a Manning’s roughness coefficient of 0.013. The invert of the culvert at the entrance is at El. 100 ft. Determine the headwater elevation for the following conditions: a. Culvert on a slope of 0.05, bell-mouthed inlet, tailwater at El. 104 ft b. Culvert on s slope of 0.05, sharp flush inlet, tailwater at El. 80 ft Repeat the above computations for a culvert only 30 ft long, assume the following loss coefficients: sharp flush entrance = 0.5; bell-mouthed entrance = 0.2; exit = 1.0
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Unformatted text preview: Homework Problem #9 A square concrete box culvert is 100 ft long, on a 5% slope, and with a 45 wing wall on both sides of the inlet and a free outlet (i.e., tailwater level is low and not restricting culvert outflow). The Manning roughness coefficient is 0.013. The design discharge is 60 cfs. The permitted head on the culvert is 6 ft above the invert at the entrance. Approach and exit channel velocity heads are negligible. Determine the minimum required culvert size for a square edged entrance, with a head loss coefficient of 0.5 1...
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