Scanner Calibration - Calibration Every open loop and...

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Unformatted text preview: Calibration Every open loop and closed loop Agilent scanner is factory calibrated and shipped with an .xml Calibration file, stored in PicoView's hardware folder . The files can be selected from the Scanner menu. You can also choose Scanner > Edit to open the Scanner Setup dialog box and view the calibration settings The following table indicates the meaning of the parameters in the Scanner Setup dialog box. Complete calibration procedures are detailed in your Agilent SPM User's Guide Scanner The scanner calibration file to be edited. Sensitivity (nm/V) The degree of motion of the piezo per applied voltage. Non-linearity Non-linear piezo response can cause feature sizes to vary from the beginning to end of each scan line, or from the top to bottom of the image. This parameter minimizes the effect of non-linearity across the scan range in the X and Y directions. Hysteresis Hysteresis causes the piezo movement during extension in one direction to differ from the contraction in the other direction. The effect of hysteresis is that the trace will be offset from the retrace. This parameter other direction....
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Scanner Calibration - Calibration Every open loop and...

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