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186_Research_Assign_F_08 - Philosophy/BUS/JS 186 Fall...

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Research Paper Assignment Philosophy/BUS/JS 186 Paper Value : 20 points Fall 2008/Giddings Due Date: No later than Monday, December 8 [Note: extra credit for turning your paper in on the day of your presentation] 1. The paper will be a minimum of 7 pages of writing with one page for Works Cited and Works Consulted. 2. The paper will follow MLA or APA guidelines. Be consistent. 3. You may use footnotes or parenthetical citations. Be consistent; do not use both. 4. 12 point, double space, no cover sheet; do not double space twice in between paragraphs. 5. The paper topic is an ethical issue (case) in the current credit crisis. Please choose an area of concern, e.g. financial institution, banks, mortgage brokers etc. Or, you may research more than one area. Make certain you do not try to write about too much. It is a small research case study. You will apply a theory to your assessment of the case. Please make sure you use theory correctly. Do not ‘throw’ in a sentence or two about how “Immanuel Kant would say . . .”
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