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HIST 122 DON Anthony Molho, “Cosimo de’Medici: Pater Patriae or Padrino?” (Chapter from The Italian Renaissance, ed. Paula Findlen) For this assignment worth 25 points, you need to read the digitized chapter above. Then, type in 12 font New York Times Roman about 3 pages single spaced in which you answer the following questions. Number and type the question and then follow with an answer based on your reading of the book. When you quote or site, make sure that you put the page number in parentheses behind your sentence. 1. What has been the characterizations of Cosimo d’Medici’s role in altering Florentine polit- ics that Molho is attempting to revise? 2. According to Molho, historians have not been accustomed to explaining Florentine politics
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Unformatted text preview: by the terminology of “class,” but he does. Why does he argue that class was essential to Florentine politics and how did Cosimo fit into this development? 3. What was the nature of the political fragmentation that Molho argues preceded Cosimo, and how did Cosimo encourage it and take advantage of it? 4. According to Molho, how did patronage advance politics in Florence, and how was Co-simo’s patronage similar, different, and most effective? 5. Having read the article, how do you believe Molho answers his own question: pater patriae or padrino? Is he persuasive?...
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