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SPEECH #3 ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIVE Persuading a Specific Audience Proposition of Value or Public Policy Worth 100 points Content: 70 Delivery: 15 Outline: 15 Purpose This speech is to introduce you to persuasive speaking by working first on the logical substance, or logos , that is the essence of any persuasive effort. Furthermore, your goal is to actually influence this audience in your desired direction. If you advocate a change, you should be able to clearly document the existence of some sort of a problem and then explain specifically what course of action is necessary toward some sort of resolution. For this speech, assume that you are speaking to a logical, unbiased audience. You should relate to your audience through effective psychological orientation in the introduction and psychological closure in the conclusion, and through effective use of attention factors. However, the emphasis of this speech is on sound reasoning and solid support for your points. See your course packet for sample outlines. This project is to be
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Comm._20_Speech_x3_Persuasive_Directive - SPEECH#3...

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