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writing experience - ideas I construct my papers in an...

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Econ 1a Callaway Section 16 8/28/06 I have had plenty of experience in writing since my first year at university. I had taken the LLD002 class both semesters. In that class, we did many free-writing assignments. We spent most of our time reading articles and responding in the form of an essay. All of the in-class essays were timed according to our final test to pass the class. The first part of our essays was to summarize the article with the main ideas from the article. Furthermore, I learned to use my time wisely and create outlines for my responses. We had also used an online classroom group where we had to respond online to a few questions from a reading assignment. I like to use many paragraphs when writing in order to separate my different
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Unformatted text preview: ideas. I construct my papers in an outline form prior to any writing. Then I try to write a thesis for my papers which captures the main idea of the essay. I generally use many appositives in my writing. I make an attempt at making the correct and best word choice. During my proof-reading is when I use a thesaurus. I do not always like to proof read my papers over and over. In the past, my errors would be on run on sentences found in my papers. I could also use some help with the correct spelling of different words. In class, I would like to continue on building up my vocabulary. I am also interested in new writing techniques and approaches to writing....
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