MAY 1 Community Summit flyer 3.24.10

MAY 1 Community Summit flyer 3.24.10 - how to NG C cate y,...

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Immigr Indian A Ind Santa SVCN S SVC Americ SILICON VALL FOR R Arts AAC Com APALI (A rant Resettleme merican Forum ian Business and Institute of Engageme Leag Southwest Sant San Jose a Clara County A N (Silicon Valley SIREN (Services, CACA (Silicon Va TiE (The Conf can Leadersh EY COLLABORA REFORM PART Afghan Co s Council Silicon CI (Asian America mmunity Involve Asian Pacific Am Leadership Ins Council of Chu i nt and Cultural C for Political Edu d Professional W f Community an ent at De Anza C gue of Women V ta Clara Valley Ch Mobili / Silicon Valley N Association of Re Council of Nonp Immigrant Righ Education Net lley Chinese Am ommerce Assoc e Indus Entrepre Frust fused a RE hip Forum – ATIVE TNERS oalition Valley ans for ement) erican stitute) urches Forum Center ucation omen d Civic College Voters, hapter NAACP ealtors profits) hts and twork) erican iation) neurs) trated about h VIVIN edu Silicon Valle San José S CO There will but there ensure th Join regio journalists conversat inform or important Regist with th
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Unformatted text preview: how to NG C cate y, Bill Lane C tate Universi OMM SAN J El Paseo de l not be a are actions at Silicon Va onal leaders s and ele ions that a ganizations to Silicon V ter: www.a facebook.c he stat make CALIF engag Center for the ity present UN SAT JOS STA e Cesar E. Ch Constitution s we can ta alleys voice s, commun ected offic are part of like Califo Valley. 40 com/revivingca te of Ca real re FORN ge em e West at Sta ITY S TURDAY, 9:00 a.m. ATE UNIV havez / 7th S nal Convent ake, as a c e is heard in nity membe cials for a statewid rnia Forwar 8.554.2000 a twitter aliforni eform h NIA mpowe anford Unive SUM , MAY 1 1.00 p.m. VERSITY Street Plaza tion this ye community, n Sacramen ers, studen a series e dialogue rd on what anu@alfsv.o ia? happen er ersity & MIT ear, to to. nts, of to t is org ca n? T...
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