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Group Project OVerview Bus 173C

Group Project OVerview Bus 173C - Mechanics who don’t...

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Group Project Bus 173C 1. Business Overview (Avni) 2. Market Research (Johnny/ Ryan) 3. Business Model a. Costs – Rent, Tools, Lease, Lift Insurance, Mechanics, oil and tire disposal, Software for manuals b. Revenue – Subscription, Hourly, Mechanic Service, Tool Rental, Parts; tires, oil, filters, c. Marketing – Local TV, Ex-Mechanics to work for us, Newspaper, Craigslist in order to bring mechanics to our door, Car Shows d. Customers – Low income w/ less expensive cars, Hobbyist, 18-25 years old,
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Unformatted text preview: Mechanics who don’t have their own shop or lifts, WyoTech Graduates, Santa Clara County, Men mostly e. Financials i. Profit Engine = subscription based services, ii. Key Revenue and Cost Drivers = Rev = mechanics and subscription; Cost Driver = Rent iii. Investment Required = In progress f. Critical Success Factors = Getting our idea and name out there and finding a time when we can incorporate a subscription based service 4. Open Questions a. What do we still need to find out???...
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