NFS 9 Notes 2-3-09

NFS 9 Notes 2-3-09 - UP\c"oL-E>cls -...

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Unformatted text preview: UP\c"oL-E>cls - ---\n\r:od.uclnsaM -\easa "98m5 NAanj rnr^n , Arrnirnci\ Faodr loforlP\,"-nte etrtr \leedl :-err lQx \4!?L) (r^rbon diclctete) vr meaaA-sab:*aoczs - -------!c-Q\ll - t Dt\*.r Nurtl^\prr+ - Cn - \3 cx. r^tzgu\n r -O-+S,\E tn c'ru,.el---fu p v r\t^^.n \vo: - 7--a}tY-asl6[q - &necgJ = Cc.rbs, F-t, P,G\erl.l \)udn^<rrf!_ nne.klzS qsE6dn1aL_nu.yieOh? -ur!rCt+ :..-r^.n"g-^+__r:,rp- \[ \:cC,+_ cO rncrl- Sr.Jn-rfOes\t \ + Atc-eaQ,. Aa tr \ Dretaq3 ErYrf- ___ t\tcrt d\qesf<d_ __ - Nrr!- crbso r\ted, -__P]o\dtdz ---e\.eftllt-4.Ll (p\ arol_tirrem[r.ats)_ _ rrnlr_oteidrr.ntsj--&-. _ at&rbed. L-.^ - Aob- elnaeld- on{_OOjur3{ - CLErfrtr r. t s _ti1_1fi,*r4*_ _ dne rro+_\rs"d'Fptag$6>foqica\Lg-_\nnate-l.l ant_ _ ___-:_ m2 n.,pParen* o"({rct F.ocl Q^*_e9_rolctr/- +er _obg_ rs _j_\1\tas -eP Stus R>od /rw,orr- \ \r> Fat loog Pra*- lI29g \*S.r,t-4tr'+s Inov> -Qucb=?@4 --Mcrc.nui_byt {er-\q I Y-rtanri,os_ -_ ?_\to: plrp_ "$_qrr^n^ nqrclercL-Ls- :- -- S _- ! ()_ g\<.rn-s _CeIe qto_\ gjJ potosslr+ lr, _ \nn\ VE ta\ong za_{en _ n'tA.; raed__ Y\crts_ t fgcSSelrr+ o _Ja flnOK ...
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NFS 9 Notes 2-3-09 - UP\c&amp;quot;oL-E&amp;gt;cls -...

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