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90.5 KSJS Promo Points_________/10 Name_________________________ WHAT'S THE BUZZ. .. You've heard about it, wondered about it, and even let it haunt you. What is the Buzz? As you may or may not know, KSJS has been all about "World Domination Through Frequency Modulation" for the last few years. Well, the war to bring KSJS's non-commercial music and message to the public is over and we have won! So, no longer do we have to seek the domination of the worlds of radio waves. We simply want to say that we are the world of radio. Here at KSJS we encompass everything that radio should be, everything and anything you wan it to be. We are where radio starts, ends and lives. We are
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Unformatted text preview: GROUND ZERO RADIO. Create a 30 second (+/- 2 sec.) promo for KSJS. Use appropriate voice(s),and 2 pieces of music and/or sound effects. Promo Drop in must contain call letters (KSJS), Dial position (90.5 FM) and the identifying statement Ground Zero Radio at least twice. Produce your promo on open reel tape CD . Be creative & have fun! ---------------------------------------Production Value No Distortion (1) Good Signal to noise (1) Clear production (2) Voice over Mix (1) Time (1) Content 90.5 KSJS, Ground Zero Radio twice (2pts.) 2 Pieces of music/SFX (2pts.) Entertainment Value (2pts.)...
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