Child_Friendly_City - UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities...

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Unformatted text preview: UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities initiative. The web site for this initiative ( makes the following declaration: A Child Friendly City is actively engaged in fulfilling the right of every young citizen to: * Influence decisions about their city * Express their opinions on the city they want * Participate in family, community, and social life * Receive basic services such as health care and education * Drink safe water and have access to proper sanitation * Be protected from exploitation, violence, and abuse * Walk safely in the streets on their own * Meet friends and play * Have green spaces for plants and animals * Live in an unpolluted environment * Participate in cultural and social events * Be an equal citizen of their city with access to every service, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, income, gender, or disability. BUILDING CHILD FRIENDLY CITIES At present, very few states, regions, cities or even neighborhoods can be truly said to give clear political priority to children. Placing children on the political agenda and moving them up it is generallypolitical priority to children....
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Child_Friendly_City - UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities...

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