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Anth 11 Professor English-Lueck The Project Report Guidelines Your project report should contain sections addressing (1) perspective, (2) methods, (3) description, (4) analysis, and (5) interpretations and reflections. 1. Perspective. Introduce your reader to your topic, why your chose it, any preconceptions you had and what you hoped to learn from the experience of investigating this particular topic. 2. Methods. Describe what you did to investigate this topic, including how you analyzed your findings. 3. Description. Present the description of what you observed. Sometimes, providing a polished, fleshed our version of your field notes is appropriate here (ex. Detailed studies of playground activities or a musical performance). In most cases, you will refer to your notes in order to write up a detailed compelling account of what you observed. 4. Analysis. After describing your slice of life, you must make some sense of it. Link to existing literature, and cite both in the text and in a “references cited.”
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Unformatted text preview: Use the JSTOR and Anthrosource databases in addition to books for complementary literature. Certainly look back over the material you have learned in the class (notes and study guides) to see what helps explain the phenomenon you observed. 5. Interpretations/Reflections. This is really the second, more speculative part of the analysis--how you look “out from” your analysis and interpret how what you found fits into a larger society. In this section you should also reflect upon what you learned about the world around you through completing this assignment. Did you learn about yourself as an observer? As a member of the community? Did you learn anything about the community? What did you learn about “American culture,” and/or its various sub- and micro-cultures? Your report must be typed and referenced; photographs and sketches may be included. Most papers run between 10-15 pages, excluding bibliography. A consent form must be attached!...
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