08becomignwoman1and2stressorsPsych 107

08becomignwoman1and2stressorsPsych 107 - Puberty What...

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Psych 107: Becoming a Woman Film: Still Killing Us Softly 3 Stressors Puberty
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Stressors What messages does the media convey about women’s roles? What is the role of the media in beauty? How is beauty affected by race, culture, and class? What is the impact of the media on body image? What are major sources of stress for teen girls? Are young girls increasingly sexualized? If so-how? How do images and words reflect, create and reinforce reality (reification)?
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Unformatted text preview: Puberty What messages do teen girls receive about reaching puberty? What risks do teen girls face as they reach this transition? What messages exist about menstruation? Where do they come form? What is the role of harassment in girls’ lives? What mental health issues do girls face? What forms of resistance do girls participate in? How can we bolster resistance?...
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08becomignwoman1and2stressorsPsych 107 - Puberty What...

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