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Page 1 of 18 SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK ScWk 240 – RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGN Course Code: 49524; Section 8 Fall 2008 Edward Cohen, Ph.D., M.S.W. Class Meeting Time: Fri. 1:30pm-4:15am Classroom Location: BBC 221 Office Location: WSQ 217D Office Hours: Thursday noon-1:15; Friday noon-1 or by appointment Phone: (408) 924-5824 Email: [email protected] Catalog Description Scientific method and problems of knowledge. Basic concepts and models of research methodology, qualitative research, program and practice evaluation in social work. Critical analysis of existing research on diverse and oppressed populations. (3 units) Course Description ScWk 240 is the first course in the graduate social work research sequence. It provides students with the foundation concepts and skills for conducting research and it prepares them to build knowledge in the profession of social work, using both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. The course prepares students to critically assess current knowledge about Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and other diverse and oppressed populations. Emphasis is placed on concepts necessary to evaluate one’s own practice, as well as the service delivery process. ScWk 240 provides the conceptual base for the second course in the graduate research sequence (ScWk 242), as well as for the Master of Social Work Special Project (ScWk 298). Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this course, students will be expected to: 1. Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method of investigation; Program Objectives: M 4.2 (Research) 2. Demonstrate understanding of the basic principles of research design, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods applicable to professional social work; Program Objectives: M 4.2 (Research) 3. Demonstrate critical thinking and information literacy skills in investigating social problems and designing a research project or evaluation in a professional social work context; Program Objectives: M 4.1 (Critical thinking /Information Literacy)
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Page 2 of 18 4. Critically review empirical evidence and understand strategies for investigating social work issues and problems, particularly as they impact disenfranchised, oppressed, or marginalized populations. Program Objectives: M 4.2 (Research) and M 1.2 (Diversity) 5. Demonstrate knowledge of how to frame empirically testable hypotheses, pose answerable research questions, select appropriate research methodologies, and draw valid conclusions from data; Program Objectives: M 4.2 (Research) 6. Operationalize concepts and outcomes, identify and interpret themes, and select and design culturally appropriate measures and other methods of data collection for research with ethnic minorities and other populations-at-risk; Program Objectives: M 4.2 (Research) 7. Demonstrate understanding of basic ethical issues involved in designing and conducting social work research; Program Objectives: M 1.3 (Ethics) 8. Demonstrate understanding and use of technologies such as the Internet, computerized search engines, and software relevant to social work research; Program Objectives: M 4.1 (Critical thinking /Information Literacy)
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