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Presentation Summaries - Daniel talked about the flag of...

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Eng 100WB Presentation Summaries April 20, 2009 Calvin – 4/6/09 Peru Calvin talked about the Agrarian Reform, which was the redistribution of land to the people. He also talked about expropriation, which is where the government took over many companies. He mentioned the different presidents that Peru has had over the years and what they did for the economy. Told us about the different resources that Peru has and that their exports are mostly from mining and farming. Calvin also talked about the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement. He also talked about the future of Peru’s economy and that it should be out of the developing stage soon. Hoang – 4/8/09 Jamaica Hoang talked about how Jamaica is one of the 15 countries that belongs to CARICOM. CARICOM started from the treaty of Chaguaramas, which was signed in 1973. Hoang talked about 5 main points of the treaty. He also mentioned how Jamaica is becoming a single market. Daniel – 4/13/09 Philippines
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Unformatted text preview: Daniel talked about the flag of the Philippines and what it stands for. He mentioned that the Philippines are made up of over 7100 islands. He then talked about some of the trade agreements. One of them was the Most Favored Nation (MFN), which makes the Philippines get treated well by developed countries. Daniel talked about the trade deficit and that 2008 had the highest increase in 15 years due to oil prices. Nicole – 4/15/09 India Nicole gave an overview of India and talked about the natural resources they have to offer. India’s population is 3 times more than the US. She mentioned that their literacy rate is only at 62% overall and that the unemployment rate is at 6.8%. The occupations in India are mostly in the Agriculture and IT help fields. She mentioned the import and export numbers as well. She had many graphs but didn’t really let us look at them because she changed the slides too fast. Word Count - 312...
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