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Health- Being in sound mind, body, & spirit. World Health Organization (WHO). Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Components of Health- 1. Physical 2. Psychological 3. Spiritual 4. Intellectual 5. Environmental 6. Social Physical Health -includes regular exercise, nutritious & healthy eating habits, regular doctor visits, avoiding harmful substances and reducing risky behaviors. Psychological Health -refers to both mental and emotional states i.e. our feelings and our thoughts. How do we cope? Our ability to express emotions. Psychological factors play a major role in enhancing physical well-being. Psychological factors can also prolong physical symptoms. Spiritual Health -prayer, mediation, fosters a state of peace and calmness that could lead to beneficial changes in the cardiovascular and immune system including lowered BP, lowered HR, lowered anxiety, and an increase in a sense of well-being. Intellectual Health- ability to think and learn from life’s experiences i.e. to use critical thinking skills to safeguard your well-being. Environmental Health -the impact of the environment on health i.e. clean water, air, soil, living conditions. Social Health -the ability to interact effectively with other people to develop satisfying interpersonal relationships and contributing to your community. Wellness-deliberate lifestyle choice 1. A choice of moving toward optimal health 2. A way of life-a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential 3. A process-developing awareness. No end point to health 4. Balance of energy-ripple effect. How your actions affect others 5. Integration of body, mind, spirit-all impact your health Student Health…diversity! College students under estimate their health risks. 16.3 million undergraduates and graduates.
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lecture1[1] - 1 Health-Being in sound mind, body, &...

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