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Progress Report (20 points) Due Th. 10/29 This report will summarize the literature you have read and will describe what each team member has learned. Each team member will describe the progress they have made toward the final project and will explain how the relevant gender and psychology literature supports the aims of the project. Each team member will complete a separate assignment noting their name and their team number . Team leaders will staple or clip all team members’ assignments together and turn them in as a packet. I Summary of articles. Article summaries should follow the following format: 1. Hypothesis or research question : State the prediction made, or state the question that the researchers are trying to investigate. (4 points) 2. Methods: What did the researchers do to investigate the answer to the research question?
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Unformatted text preview: Using your own words, summarize the methods section of the article. (4 points) 3. Conclusion: According to the authors, what do the findings mean in terms of furthering our understanding of the problem at hand? (4 points) 4. Implications : Based on the article and your understanding of the problem, what should change as a result of the findings of the article? (4 points) II Progress toward goal. Describe what you have accomplished so far toward completing your segment of the final project. (2 points) It is expected that at this point, you have reviewed relevant literature, conducted interviews or made relevant contacts, and written an outline or a draft of your part of the final product. List the next steps you will take toward completing your part of the project. (2 points)...
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