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Portfolio Assignment (Spr10)

Portfolio Assignment (Spr10) - MAS 10B Section 3 Spring...

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MAS 10B Section 3 Spring 2010 Page 1 of 3 Portfolio Assignment Essential Information 300 points (30%) of overall grade Due Dates: March 22 (Questions 1 – 2); May 17 (Questions 3 – 7) Portfolios are due in class on these dates. Those submitted after 11:45am each day will be considered late. Your final grade on this assignment will be reduced by a third of a letter grade for each day it is late (an “A-“ becomes a “B+” and so on). You may re-write your first two essays in response to our feedback. You can resubmit any rewrites to be graded at the end of the semester as part of the completed portfolio. Remember to include the originals with the rest of your work. Your work should be collected in a report cover with a clear front (not a hard-cover binder). Except for the timeline and cover, your work must be o Formatted with 1” margins all around o Double-spaced o Printed in 12-point Times New Roman o Numbered on all pages o Spell-checked o Carefully edited and proof-read o Use MLA or APA methods of citation Part One: Short Essays (40 points each; 200 points total) Select ONE essay from EACH SECTION labeled 1 – 5 below. Each of these five essays should be between 3 – 4 pages in length (approximately 750 – 1000 words). Your reply should state a single thesis, and your explanation should be based on analysis and evidence. In this vein, you must use, analyze, and cite specific examples from our lectures and textbooks to support your claims.
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