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Listen • Speak • Engage San Jos é  State U Communication Studies Comm 161, Communication and Culture, Spring 2010 Instructor: Stephen Hinerman Office location: HGH 216 Telephone: 408-924-5510 Email: [email protected] Office hours: 1-4 MW, online Class days/time: online Classroom: online Prerequisite:  101 and upper division standing Catalog Description Human communication explored as a mechanism of control and as a vehicle of cultural change. Applies theoretical principles of communication to social issues and communication settings in different cultures. Succeeding in this Class  At SJSU, students are expected to spend two hours outside of class for every one hour of class time. Because this is a three unit class, you can expect to spend a minimum of six hours per week in addition to time spent in class and on scheduled tutorials or activities. Special projects or assignments may require additional work for the course. Careful time management will help you keep up with readings and assignments and enable you to be successful in all of your courses. Course Goals Comm 161 is a core course for Communication Studies majors. It is designed to meet several of the department’s learning objectives for the major. Specifically, as part of our learning objectives in the areas of Globalization and Diversity, this course primarily addresses: 1. Globalization Awareness: Students will be able to identify and analyze the relationships among globalization, worldviews, development, and change of cultural patterns and discursive practices; understand the dialectical relationships between global and local processes; and understand how cultural products move within the larger frameworks of nation and identity. 2 Cultural Critique: Students will be able to identify, analyze, and evaluate the decisive role of power, as embedded in communication, in the social/historical, economic, and political formations of cultures; and recognize the potential for becoming an agent of change. The course also meets secondarily several of the department’s other learning objectives, relating to both technology and democracy. Specifically: COMM XXX, Course title Semester page 1 of 5 
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Listen • Speak • Engage 3 Information literacy: Students will demonstrate competence in traditional and emerging forms of communication technology as relevant to this discipline and human communication. 4 Criticism Students will develop and apply analytical skills for researching and evaluating different forms of communication 5 Social Responsibility: Students will understand the dimensions of social responsibility and community engagement as obligations of democratic citizens .
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