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Unformatted text preview: English 1B, sec. 4 Professor Dowdy Essay Assignment 1 Length: 4-6 pages (MLA or APA format) Due date: First draft: 6/16 (bring four copies for Peer Review) Revised Draft: 6/25 Out-of-Class Essay #1: the Nature of Identity Unlike your other writing assignments, your first out-of-class paper will be a personal essay. (For a description of personal essays, see A Writers Resource , pg. 140.) This assignment will also differ from your other ones in that it does not require outside research. For this essay, I would like for you to reflect upon your social identity that is, who you are in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, region, class, education, politics, language, religion, and occupation. To what extent do these categories of social identity define who you are? How do they shape your view of the world and how others view you? Likewise, to what extent do they fall short of defining who you really are? Are there other factors other than the above-mentioned categories which also determine an individuals identity? which also determine an individuals identity?...
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